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Affect the global air conditioning market development trend of the big four

  Technaivo market research agency recently released the global air conditioning market analysis report points out that during the period of 2016 to 2020, under the influence of many important trend is expected to market development. Number four: the popularity of intelligent temperature controller the use of variable frequency air conditioner, the demand of the integrated system, the introduction of air purification technology. To be specific:

  The use of the intelligent temperature controller is more and more popular

  Such as Nest and Ecobee3 intelligent thermostat has become more popular in the residential and commercial markets. The temperature controller can make use of mobile devices and computer monitoring the temperature of the room and commercial space. The thermostat controls the indoor environment, change the heating and air conditioning circulation, so as to achieve the goal of saving energy and save money. The thermostat also means that technological progress.

  Technaivo family, the kitchen and large equipment industry's chief research analyst Abhay Sinha said: "at the beginning of 2015, Tado company introduced intelligent air conditioning control, remote control air conditioner into intelligent devices. Through WiFi, the device can connect more than 85% of air conditioner, using infrared technology to control the air conditioner. As a result, this will greatly improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning products, and have a positive impact on the global air conditioning market."

  Rapid adoption of frequency conversion air conditioner

  Technavio think, compared with the central air conditioning equipment, frequency conversion air conditioner can reduce about 30% of the energy consumption, easy installation at the same time, the cost is low. They are using a variable speed compressor, the compressor to meet the need of temperature on off.

  Japan has the highest percentage of frequency conversion products, throughout all the household air conditioner. In Latin America and Europe, these products has gained popularity, such as daikin suppliers are expanding their product line, in order to meet the corresponding requirements. Suppliers also highlights the other outstanding characteristics of the product, such as sleep technology, using a sensor, when they tested the user has entered the sleep state, it can control the temperature setting, makes the air more comfortable and efficient.

  The demand of the integrated system

  Hvac control and building systems have become more integrated, drives the end user to seek the interests of the whole system, including lighting and access control requirements. Because it USES a single interface to control the operation, so in terms of building management system more efficient. The system helps eliminate unnecessary equipment, bring more comfortable experience for the user, thus achieve a better construction management level. Integration, and hvac control, for example, you can use a single interface according to the number of personnel in indoor environment monitoring air conditioning equipment, adjust the operating mode. These systems have been widely used in commercial office buildings, were also hotels, health care facilities, schools and retail stores.

  The introduction of air purification technology

  Sinha said: "keep watch on the impact of air pollution on health have prompted supplier to launch a separate air purification technology. Many suppliers have to air purification system to integrate into their air conditioner, which don't have to buy a purifier alone. They include the multi-layer filter and active technology, eliminate the impurities in the air."

  Panasonic has in their air conditioner using nanotechnology, through the release of the hydroxyl free radical molecules to eliminate the bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the air. Daikin company launched using discharge technology of air purifier, eliminate such as mite, mold and pollen allergens. In the fierce competition in the global air conditioning in the market, the application of this kind of technology will make consumers get more additional benefits and distinguish the supplier's products.