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White goods industry daily report 2016: air conditioning industry terminal so quantity and澳门太阳集团2007官网

  In the central air-conditioning industry overall shrinking market environment, household central air conditioning, bright eye. According to introducing, beautiful household central air-conditioning sales increased by more than 70% last year.

  Industry on-line monitoring data show that in 2015 China central air-conditioning market capacity is 68 billion yuan, nearly 7% year-on-year contraction. On May 12, the daily economic news "reporter learns from the aspects of beauty, in the central air-conditioning industry overall contracting market environment, household central air conditioning, bright eye. Beautiful central air-conditioning business Marketing Department minister guo-qiang huang told reporters that last year's increase in the central air conditioning, commercial engineering project of beauty is not big, but household central air-conditioning sales increased by more than 70%. The reporter understands, compared with Japan and other countries as much as 70% of penetration of household central air conditioning, the current domestic household central air-conditioning rate less than 10%, the market potential is tremendous.

  Reporter also noticed that, foreign and domestic enterprises have been aware of the market prospect of the Chinese family central air conditioning, overweight extension line terminal stores in succession, intensify layout. Guo-qiang huang, however, tells a reporter, household central air conditioning is currently in user education market and import the early stage. Online marketing product manager Song Liyuan central air-conditioning industry, said the consumer concept transformation is biggest obstacle to the popularization of the household central air conditioning.

  Household central air conditioner industry "lifeline"

  Affected by macroeconomic slowdown in large engineering project construction, the whole central air-conditioning market falling last year, but in small multigang, such as household ChanYuanJi household central air-conditioning market is still very strong.

  Aiken air conditioning refrigeration, according to data from the network of household central air conditioner while on growth than in previous years, but still keep the annual growth rate of 13.3%, becoming the central air-conditioning industry, worthy of the name "lifeline".

  Guo-qiang huang told the daily economic news "reporter, in the past few years, beautiful household central air conditioning growth were maintained at 70% ~ 80%. Relative to the United States, Japan, in his opinion, the popularity rate of above 70%, household central air conditioning in the Chinese market penetration rate is between 5% ~ 5%, the huge market space.

  "Household central market capacity is very big, domestic air conditioning market small air conditioning transformation, can have a 10% a year for central air-conditioning market is a big MAC level. Household central air conditioning is an important development direction of beautiful central air conditioning, we are waiting for the market breaking point." Guo-qiang huang said.

  Song Liyuan said, according to the industry of online monitoring also found that the prevalence rate of domestic household central air conditioning, less than 10%, the main application areas for shops and apartment. As consumer demand for comfort air conditioning is higher and higher, the market of household central air conditioning demand growth is very fast, household central air conditioning has become recognized as the big cake.

  Reporters noticed that at present, midea, gree, haier, hisense brands are overweight household central air-conditioning market. Gree and has even started household intelligent control of beauty extends to the household central air conditioning products. Recently, haier's high-end home appliance brand for the emperor also announced that it would soon move into central air-conditioning market, and will first launch of household central air conditioning.

  But in addition to domestic brands, by targeting the Chinese market, foreign brands such as daikin, york stepped in to layout, expand the terminal stores.

  Journalists, according to data from the aspects of beauty beauty is in the center of the national air conditioning stores amounted to more than 2300.

  Domestic brand market share has been dominant

  The reporter understands, in the field of large central air conditioning engineering, domestic brand overall by foreign brand. Foreign brand with its precipitation technology, product reputation, especially in the online product more superior high-end projects.

  However, in the field of household central air conditioning, Song Liyuan told the "daily economic news" reporter, because in the last few years domestic brand development momentum is swift and violent, market share of domestic brands has overtaken daikin and so on foreign brand. At present domestic brands in the household central air-conditioning market share of about 60%, foreign brand shrink to 40%. In her view, homebred brand gradually prevail is the major reason for the high quality and cost-effective, "a few years ago is foreign brand advantage is significant, but in recent years the domestic brand in the household central air conditioner development really soon".

  According to understand, daikin is the earliest layout household central air-conditioning manufacturers, domestic first consumer education also opened by daikin.

  Song Liyuan tells a reporter, in the household ChanYuanJi market, domestic brands have dominated. "Now the manufacturer of household central air conditioning, on the basis of the quality of the product price, is actually in the after-sales service," Song Liyuan said in an interview with reporters.

  Guo-qiang huang believes that the recovery of the real estate market capacity of household central air conditioner will have a boost, "the household central air conditioning is cautiously optimistic about the market this year, is expected to the year-on-year growth rate of the beauty in this category will also maintain more than 70%."

  The popularity of household central air conditioning, however, and not easy to promote. The reporter understands, household central air-conditioning sales, mainly from the home outfit "if missed out on a new estate hardcover stages or not semifinished product is embedded in the product to have the later have no chance." Guo-qiang huang told reporters.

  Song Liyuan said that at present the main obstacle of the development of household central air conditioning is the change of concept of consumers. Marketing time is short, and household central air-conditioning maintenance require specialized technical personnel, there are still concerns when consumer is choosing to install. Furthermore, if new buildings form a complete set of central air conditioning, decorate a style to flexibility will be some difference, at the same time the development chamber of commerce for configuration of central air conditioning, real estate sales price is a lot higher than semifinished product room, "this is household central air-conditioning market advancing a barrier".